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At Catalyst we’re proud to host the most advanced video software in Denver. We take an objective approach to breaking down the swing frame by frame and comparing it with what the best hitters in the world are doing and have done throughout history.

HitTrax Baseball & Softball Simulator

HitTrax™ is the first and only baseball & softball simulator. It is a powerful combination of analytics and entertainment that has never before been available to indoor facilities. Patent pending technology delivers innovation to the baseball industry by measuring real-time data and displaying live results for immediate feedback.

With the addition of HitTrax we continue to provide the most cutting edge technology available to our valued members and clients. HitTrax is the world’s first indoor baseball & softball simulator. The second annual hitting league will improve by leaps and bounds with this extraordinary technology. See HitTrax in action in the video below.

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Watch HitTrax in Action

Play in the Major League Park of your choice!

Catalyst Sports will have the first and only baseball & softball simulator. It provides the powerful combination of true entertainment value with statistical data that has never before been captured.

The system measures and displays real-time data in a manner that will help athletes see more measurable improvement, all while having exponentially more fun.

Players become more engaged and motivated to work on their game due to in-depth reports that visually show their progress, not to mention the awesome live game simulation. The reports can be emailed to each athlete after every session.

Imagine being able to play in ANY big league stadium in America for under $10 a game!
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Right View Pro Software

Ever wanted to choose out your favorite big leaguer and be able to compare your swing side by side? How about your favorite pitcher?

The ability to not only tell players what they can improve but actually demonstrate it to them with video analysis and copious clips of big leaguers helps players improve faster and understand deeper.

Instant Replay

It is simple fact that there is a disconnect between what it feels like we are doing and what we are actually doing.

Athletes might get a great piece of input about an adjustment they should make. They can genuinely try to make that adjustment, and not quite nail it. They “feel” like they are doing exactly what was suggested but that “feel” doesn’t necessarily equate to the perfect technique. Again, there is a disconnect at work here.

Our Instant Replay gives players the ability to take a swing and then watch that exact swing immediately afterwards.

The video replay is 100% objective. It shows athletes exactly what they did and goes a long way in closing the gap between what it feels like they are doing and what they are actually doing.

What it all adds up to is athletes making adjustments faster…athletes improving faster…you or your child reaching your potential faster!


Instant Feedback

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, video breakdown of the swing compared to the best players in the world gives you a good idea of where you measure up and exactly what mechanics you need to work on as a hitter.

A complete video analysis is included with every private lesson.


Bat Speed Program

Did you know, for every additional 1mph of bat speed produced, an extra 5 ft of distance is added to a baseball on an optimum launching angle?

We have a proven bad speed program that members can expect to gain anywhere from a 5-15mph boost in bat speed.

Our bat speed program is included within the academy membership.


Track Your Progress

We keep all of your video critical numbers on file so you can see how far you’ve progressed from beginning to end.



With every private lesson our auto replay is included as well. Take a swing and get immediate feedback. Imagine being able to make necessary adjustments in between swings without ever having to leave the cage.

Zepp Swing Analysis

Zepp gives you the measurable analytics that simply cannot be seen with the naked eye. Having the data is one thing, knowing how to interpret it, make the necessary adjustments, and institute the proper training programs to improve is another. That is where we come in!

*Please note, Zepp is not necessarily used in every single lesson. Please communicate the desire to have Zepp used during your lesson if so desired.

Zepp Swing Analysis

Get analytics such as bat speed, time in zone, and both the horizontal and vertical angles at impact. Also, the sensor allows us access to a 3D rendering of the hand & swing path. This again deepens understanding for the student while providing meaningful feedback that serves as a direct signpost to necessary adjustments.

It also allows this rendering to be viewed from several different angles.